Dinner course 10,000yen

Tachikawa Menu details

【Contents of dish】
■ Appetizer :
  steamed snow crab and spinach, crab soup stock sauce, Kumquat peel, grated ginger on the top.

■ Soup dish :
  monk fish river and miso soup, seasoned turnip inside minced monk fish meat. Japanese leek, Japanese parsley, carrot.

■ Sashimi :
  thinly sliced blow fish (fugu)

■ Grilled dish :
  cod, cod milt, yuzu citrus flavored miso, yuzu citrus bowl out side.

■ Steamed dish :
  mushed lily bulb ball, seasoned surf clam inside. Chrysanthemum green.

■ Small hot pot :
  sailfin sandfish, kuruma-prawn, scallop, potherb mustard. Grated radish soup.

■ refreshment :
  smoked octopus, crème cheese, iburigakkko(smoked and pickled radish.) sudachi citrus.

■ Baked rice casserole :
  sake lees pickled yellow tail rice. radish, carrot, Japanese parsley. Pickled vegetables, red miso soup.

■ Dessert :
  green tea soy milk blanc manger, fresh strawberry, tofu skin chip.
【Sengakuji-monzen Monya】
© Monya
© Monya
【Sengakuji-monzen Monya】