Dinner course 8,000yen

Tachikawa Menu details

【Contents of dish】
■ Appetizer :
  dashi seasoned turnip (from Osaka-tennouji) Kumquat miso on the top, shimeji mushroom, canola flower green.

■ Sashimi :
  assorted seasonal low fish.

■ Soup dish :
  chestnuts soup, minced deep sea smelt, spinach, carrot, grated ginger on the top.

■ signature dish :
  local fish from Toyama prefecture, grilled with salt or steamed with special soy sauce.

■ Steamed dish :
  minced platinum-pork rolled fried tofu outside. Japanese taro potato, butterbur, water chestnuts.

■ Fried dish :
  sesame tofu, grated radish sauce. Sweet green pepper, bottarga, green onion.

■ refreshment :
  lemon flavored horse mackerel, chrysanthemum green, fresh kiwifruit, sesame tofu sauce.

■ Baked rice casserole :
  Japanese clam rice, topinambour, green onion. Pickled vegetables, red miso soup.

■ Dessert :
  green tea soy milk blanc manger, fresh strawberry, tofu skin chip.
【Sengakuji-monzen Monya】
© Monya
© Monya
【Sengakuji-monzen Monya】