Management Philosophy

We want to serve our customers
through the world of food.
Your wish is our wish.

Founding thoughts

Building a company for employees
where everyone has a sense of ownership.

Cooking food that is not only tasty
but also medical.

Deepen the once-in-a-lifetime spirit
and produce human resources
who shine from within.

2035 Vision

  • Our clients refer to Monya as
    one of the three leading restaurants
    in Tokyo for Japanese cuisine.
  • It is said to be one of the restaurants
    in the culinary world where you can feel
    both material and spiritual satisfaction.
  • Said to be the place
    where the world's most motivated young people
    work in the culinary world.

2025 Vision

Becoming the only restaurant for our customers

Create a special day

  • Cuisine“Japanese savoury feast”
  • Customer Service“Once-in-a-Lifetime Encounter”
  • Facilities“Japanese Beauty”

We will achieve a bright future
with the efforts of all members.