Japanese instrumental performance in May

Enjoy your meal while listening to a Japanese musical instrument performance every Saturday during dinner time.

11th Shakuhachi performance (Syozan Sakurai)
18th Koto performance (Honoka Asami)
25th Koto performance (Honoka Asami)

Profile of Japanese instrumentalists

Syozan Sakurai(shakuhachi player)
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and completed the graduate course at the same university. Graduated from the Modern Japanese Music Institute. Graduated from the 45th NHK Hogaku Technicians' Training Course. Passed the NHK Japanese music audition. Completed training under the Agency for Cultural Affairs' New Artist Development Program. She is active both in Japan and abroad with the mindset of "to inherit the teachings of previous generations in order to inspire future actions". Studied under Houzan Yamamoto I (Living National Treasure), Junsuke Kawase, Seizan Ishigaki I, and Houzan Nomura (Living National Treasure). Tozan-ryu master.
Honoka Asami(koto player)
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. She completed the 55th term of the NHK Traditional Music Teachers Training Program, and was concert mistress at the graduation concert held at the NHK Hall. Passed NHK Japanese music audition. Appeared on NHK-FM's "Hogaku no Hitotoki" and "Hogaku Hyakuban". 2018 "Society of Living National Treasures" performance. Lecturer at NHK Bunka Center Chiba Class. She is a Miyagi-sha Shihan (instructor).